The Cedar Creek RV Owners Club is open to all owners of Cedar Creek fifth wheels and travel trailers.

The club is provided by all members. Together the members control the club's operation and direction.

Club membership requires an annual dues payment of $25.00 per family, to be paid within 30 days of registration.

The Cedar Creek RV Owners Club is working towards becoming a non-profit organization registered with the IRS. This status requires the club to benefit the full membership instead of a single person or group of people.

Dues are used for maintaining the website, for the club checking account, for the post office box and for covering the cost of registering for non-profit status with the IRS.

The dues amount is voted upon and set annually by the members to cover the costs of club operation..

All club income and expenses are openly and fully accounted for to all club members. If any excess funds are collected, they will be utilized for the benefit of all club members and will also be fully accounted for.

The club members will vote on the amount to be collected each year.

The bottom line is that this club belongs to all of its members.

To join the club, click on the "REGISTRATION” button to the left and enter your personal information into our roster. This information will not be given out or sold to anyone.

Then click on the "DISCUSSION FORUM" button and register there to gain reading and posting privileges. Take a look around. We think you will like what you see. Mail in your dues payment.

Once notification is received that both items are complete and your dues have been received, you are a full member and have an equal voice in the club.

We would like to welcome you to a new and growing club.

Thank You.